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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meeting a Mentor

This past Sunday,  I had the opportunity to meet a photographer that I admire. She is a mentor of sorts, and I have learned so much from her Clean Color tutorial and her blog site. Erin Cobb is her name and she was visiting California all the way from Alabama. She was so sweet to organize a Meet & Greet for some of her California fans. Matt and Merilee, a totally adorable and sweet couple who are Erin's clients, opened their fabulous home to welcome us for the Meet & Greet.
It was fun finally meeting Erin, after conversing through her blog and email. She was exactly as I had pictured her (well, she does have photos on her site!).  She had an adorable personality (again, totally evident from her emails and site) and was just so fun to meet.
There were about 10 other gals there who came to meet Erin and express their gratitude and admiration. She has impacted many people with her work and it was so fun to share that with them.
Melanie was one of the adorable professional photographers who drove to Orange from the Ventura area. I was fortunate to sit by her as she was so easy to talk to.
Nobody busted out their camera until Erin did! So funny. But we came out of our shell later and were able to grab some shots.
Kendra (on the right) is also a professional photographer from Murrieta California. She is a doll and brought her bestie, Sarah, along who is a photographer as well.
Merilee provided us with a delicious array of decadent desserts. That girl can bake..and if you know me, my other business, and my major sweet tooth, you know I have some standing to say so :)
Debbie was another sweet professional photog that came to the Meet & Greet. I am looking forward to getting to know her as well.  Meghan is Erin's adorable sister who has a great etsy shop and lots of style! It was so fun to meet her as well, especially after reading several posts on Erin's blog that included her.
It was a neat opportunity to get to join up with this group of gals. Though it was in Orange, CA and not Sacramento, we were able to combine it with a weekend of visiting family and going to Disneyland for my youngest son's birthday.  I'm hoping to someday make it to Alabama to see all the beauty that she captures through her lens. In the meantime, it was great having a tiny piece here!
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  1. It was so great meeting you at the Meet & Greet! You got some fabulous shots that night!

  2. Such a fun night! Look forward to keeping in touch :o) Kendra

  3. Looks like a fun bunch of ladies - glad you were able to go Lisa!

  4. Such great photos Lisa! I am so upset at myself for not taking my camera out sooner, but I guess you are right and that we were all probably holding back... How funny. Wow, that image of Melanie is stunning and I equally love the one she got of you. I do truly hope we can stay in touch. I really admire your work... You are so very talented. Thanks for sharing this post. Take care!


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