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I am all in the details. Have been my whole life. I spent my undergrad, law school years, and  years as a practicing attorney paying attention to details, And now I use that in my photography business to detail YOU - your life, your beauty, your family, your love. I get to combine the strict discipline of my first career with the creative and artistic wonder of being a photographer to get the images you will cherish for a lifetime.

I have been taking pictures and making memories with them since I was in high school. After spending years capturing hundreds of thousands of images to mark milestones and everyday moments, I found that this grew into friends and family wanting me to take pictures of them, their children, and their own milestones. I started focusing more on the art of the image with each capture and invested time and resources into learning and upgrading my equipment and how it could be used to strengthen my artistic vision.

I've taken courses in photography and photographic equipment, but have mostly self-taught (remember that discipline I talked about before) by studying books, pouring over online tutorials and mentoring at the feet and lens of photographers that I admire. Most importantly, I have spent countless hours applying the theories and techniques learned and discovered along the way. That truly is the best part and the best way to grow in this profession!

It has all been incredible and eye-opening but one thing remains as as I see my style and my art through photography continue to grow: "Good pictures are made with your heart." * I have had clients whose children have not taken a single successful professional portrait and have had them smile for me. And not just a smile, but, as my client put it, I was able to "capture the smile and looks we all see every day". My heart leaps with joy and thankfulness at that!

It is my prayer that I can capture the light in the person I am photographing, to really capture the essence of who they are and who they love being. I hope that I get that privilege with you.

*quote by Doug Beasley

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