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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

This sweet 10 year old was such a trooper! He was all for adventure when I told him we were going to look for some new locations in a nearby city. When we got to the location I had in mind, he thought it was totally cool. But it was chained up and off limits. Though he thought he found a way in, I had to use my better judgment and ditch the great location for, well, our security and well being. And the law. The things we must sacrifice...

So we came to another new location and it was going well and fine until Mr. Security guard with a really bad attitude came out and decided we should not be outside of a public building unless we worked there. Hmm. I did mention (in a very calm manner) that he could have been a tad nicer about the way he said it, but I didn't argue with him since I had an impressionable 10 year old with me and I wanted to show some love and grace.  We just want to take some pictures, Mr.!

In the end, we found some fun places to play and had some good times being silly and laughing at ourselves. This kid is pretty great and it's so fun to have him one on one. He's growing up so dang fast and when I looked at these images, it really struck me. How did he become ten? 10? Really? And he looks even older in some of these pictures. Must. Hug. Lots. And pray even more. 10 will be 20 in no time. I'm cherishing 10 now.

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  1. I can't believe he's already 10. You're right, he's growing up way too fast; both the boys are. But these are some seriously great shots, Lisa.


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