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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fabulous E! {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

You have seen this beauty appear on my Facebook page this last month, but I haven't shared most of her beautiful session with you yet. I just loved this session! It was one of my all time favorites. It was  a favorite not just because precious E did an amazing job in front of the camera, but because she is my adorable niece and it was so much fun to go out and play with her. It was just us, and she was so wonderful and cooperative, it made my task a breeze! I just loved our time together.

I have always thought she is beautiful, but it was really neat to see her in so many different ways during this shoot. I think her beauty really shined through.

Seriously, she is a natural. I just can't handle these! I know there are a lot of pics here, but believe me, they are just the tip of the iceberg for E's session. Sooo much fun!

We even had our time in the mustard. She was such a trooper. It was all of 45 degrees out during our session. We spend a bunch of time bundled up and getting heated by the car heater in between locations and changes. And then we stopped for hot chocolate, of course!

I love you, E! Thanks so much for coming out and having fun with me! Let's do it again really soon. As we said, when it's warmer out! :)

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the Giveaway Winner is...

Congratulations to "dkick" I (Debbie Kick!) on winning the free session with me! I had my youngest help me out with the random drawing. He picked the hat to use and the name out of it. Congratulations to Debbie! Even though she won, it seems that she is planning on donating it for a worthy cause and then buying it back! You have the biggest heart, Debbie! 
Here's what she said (she references cupcakes..for those of you who don't know, I make sweets, too. But the photography business has pretty much put the sweet business on the back burner) :
"luv love luv to you and your new website. If I were to win a prize I would donate the gift to a local charity for an auction that benefits some amazing, high achieving high school students who work very hard to break the cycle of poverty in their lives. Then I would have to buy it back at the auction so you could take our family photo!You are so talented and creative with your photography, but I miss the cupcakes. :)"
Thank you all for supporting me with your business and wonderful, encouraging comments! I hope to be able to capture you all very soon! Have a great week!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miss M in the Mustard {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

 I am so blessed to know sweet Miss M and her family. I have photographed her before on several occasions, and will get to do it again soon! Her mom just told me that she gets her braces off at the end of the month, so a brother/sister shoot will be coming soon. Congrats M! You are a beautiful young lady and I love to watch you grow into an amazing young woman.

 We couldn't resist getting out into the mustard fields blooming like crazy around town. It's just beautiful with seas of gold and green. They very well may just be weeds, but since they aren't invading anything and making life more beautiful, I am just fine with them staying awhile!
 I'm thinking that Miss M got into the session. She rocked it, don't you think?

 The light toward the end of the session was just beautiful on her, falling on her hair and creating such a pretty sun kissed warmth.

I'll end with this last picture of Miss M in the Mustard this year, along with one of last year's images. It's crazy how fast our children grow. Let's remember to cherish, cherish, cherish each and every day we have with them!

I wanted to also give you a quick reminder! If you would like to have a session like this with me FOR FREE, please check out this post and you might win it! You have only until Friday, March 18th, so get your entries in now!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

I Heart Faces: Sun Flare Challenge {Sacramento Family Photographer}

This week's challenge over at I heart faces is Sun Flare! I love capturing sunflare during my shoots and this is one of my favorites. I love how it drenches the image in warm, yummy light and how it just begs warm weather to come and stay. There are some great images over there, so be sure to go check it out!

And I wanted to remind you that my website launch and giveaway is still happening! You have until this Friday, March 18th, to check out my new website, become a Lisa Smiley Photography Facebook liker and comment on my blog post below. I hope you can join in the fun and enter to win a free session with me!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Website and Giveaway for You! {Sacramento Photographer}

I am thrilled to announce that my new website is launching today! I can't wait for you all to see it and I hope that it answers questions, gives you inspiration, and motivates you to get those cherished images captured!

This is so exciting for me and I want to share my excitement with you! So I am offering a giveaway as a special incentive for you to head on over to my website and check it out! I'd love to know what you think! What am I offering you a chance to win? A free session with me!

And what do you have to do to enter this giveaway? First, please head on over to my new website (you can also access the website through the "website" tab above, or through the "info" section on my Facebook business page) and take a look around. There is lots of information for those of you who have been wondering what Lisa Smiley Photography is all about. There are examples of my work, tidbits about me and my philosophy and inspiration, and other fun goodies to share. Head over and browse on through it! Then, click on the link to my Facebook business page and become a "liker", leaving me a comment that you either are a new fan or a continuing fan. If you would like to leave some love, feel free! Lastly, come back here, to my blog, and leave some love, telling me that you have checked out my website, "liked" me on Facebook, and what you would use your winning session with me for. Do you want to capture your family? Your child alone and in the beauty of Spring? You as a couple? You are also welcomed to tell me what you liked most about the website. That's it! I will do a random drawing next week, so don't delay! Get your entry in soon! Only entries that have complied with the details above will be counted in the random drawing.

Thanks for your time and support! I can't wait to hear from you!

*The free session is valued at $150. If you win and you would like a newborn session or a session with more than four people, the $150 will be credited toward your session! The free session giveaway is for the session fee only. The session must take place before April 30, 2011. You may win if you are not in the Sacramento and surrounding areas, but you must be willing to travel to within 30 miles of  Sacramento by April 30, 2011.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Many Faces of the Gorgeous Miss H {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

This is a larger post than usual, but I just had to share the many faces of Miss H. We had so much fun dodging the raindrops and finding places to continue our shoot despite the rain. She was such a trooper! This sweet girl gave me so many fun looks and entertained me with her sweet stories. At more than one point in the shoot, she mentioned she "took good pictures" and well, she was right!

We didn't get to go to all of the locations we planned out due to the rain, but we made the most of the ones we did get to!

I just loved capturing her playfulness. She was full of smiles and laughter and it made the dreary weather so much brighter!

Thank you so much for playing with me, Miss H. And yes, we can do again, just like you asked...and yes, I will bring another treat :)

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