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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peekaboo! {Sacramento and Santa Rosa Maternity and Baby Photographer}

And that's it! Just a cute little Peekaboo belly at 8 months! I loved this shoot with some dear friends of ours. She is beautiful and 8 months pregnant (she started out very tiny, so haters step aside...she is healthy and eating just fine :) ! He was our best man at our wedding. It's so wonderful to be able to share this time in their life with them. The anticipation of their sweet little girl to come is just so exciting! We can't wait to meet her this August!
Yes, she can still do this! She is an avid Yoga aficionado and still goes as much as she is able. I must admit, her getting into this pose made me gasp, but she did it with grace and beauty. And where is the baby belly?  Here in the next photo:
Their home in Santa Rosa was a great starting venue for some beautiful shots of her alone and with her handsome hubby.

Then we ventured off in the wine country to find some more vineyards and found this pretty field after some off-roading and rock climbing. Seriously. But it was all safe. Really.
I just love photographing pregnant women. It is such a miracle and an amazing and wonderful time to capture.

I had to throw in some more yoga poses. We did these the next morning at her home. Stunning.

Thanks for such a fun and wonderful session! I can't wait to come back soon and meet your sweet little miracle and capture her for all to see!
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  1. WOW!! She is impressive!! I couldn't dream of doing those poses now let alone pregnant! Great pictures Lisa! Beautiful!! ~Raeane ;)

  2. Courtney HurwitzJune 19, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    Every moment was beautifully captured Lisa! Thank you so much for the lasting memories and looking forward to the newborn shoot...but not too soon! - Courtney Hurwitz

  3. A Mom to Be filled with anticipation of the incredible love she will share with Baby J, the strength to be an awesome MOM, and beauty inside and out! Wishing you a wonderful delivery!


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