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Friday, August 27, 2010

The A Family - A Sneak Peek {Sacramento Family Photographer}

Today I met with this sweet family and had so much fun capturing their love. I have known them for a quite a long time and they are just awesome, genuine and kind people. Dad is one of the pastors at our church (and is so wonderfully patient with my boys) and Mom and I have known each other since our boys were little. They have grown up so fast. I know, everyone always says that, but the rate of growth in children really does impress upon me the reality of Time and really reminds me that this life is so very short. So I'm glad they were documenting this small snippet in photographs!

So the boys have not only grown up fast, but they have become such neat guys! During the shoot, they were cooperative and sweet, and without complaint. At 10 and 13, I have to say, it was impressive. Mom and Dad did great, too! :) Here are a few from the session that I'd like to share. "A" family...thanks so much for hanging out with me today. I hope you like your sneak peek!

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  1. Wonderful - the boys are so cute and always seem super well behaved and caring!

  2. These are adorable.I love the first one, great bokeh and composition.
    Love the textured wall the. Great jump!~
    Great Work.

  3. Thanks, Lisa! We had a great time with you yesterday. Gabriel and I are the first in the family to see the sneak peek. We are both thrilled with the pics! Thanks for getting them online so quickly. You are one gifted woman! You do magical things with your camera.

  4. Loved these, Lisa! Thanks for taking the time to share one of your many gifts and talents with our family. You work magic with that camera! And thanks for immediate gratification. We got to see the pics so quickly after the session.


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