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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fields of Beauty | Sacramento Portrait Photographer

I couldn't stand it any longer. Day after day while taking my kiddos to school I pass by some glorious, beautiful fields. They are constantly changing and last week, they were gold and fabulous. I just had to get out there and shoot! So I did. Here is beautiful J, modeling my fields :) Well, in reality, she is actually making the fields even more beautiful, don't you think?
We had a good portion of the golden hour to shoot in and, though we were on serious lookout for snakes and swatting major bugs, it was well worth it. I just love the outfit she chose and the fields were enveloping her in majestic beauty.
We went a little western and threw in the hat and I think this is one of my favorites of the evening. Followed of course by Miss J and her gorgeous laugh. Seriously, her inner beauty just emanates from her and makes her outward appearance even more fabulous!
While we were shooting, the sunset and the timing so close to Mother's day was reminding of us our loved ones - my sweet mom and her sweet mom-in-law - who have recently gone to their sweet glory in Heaven. This little lady bug and the stunning sunset set the stage for enjoying our memories of them and remembering them with love. I was so grateful for that! Thanks, Miss J, for coming out with me and enjoying such a special time!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful - Miss J and your images!

  2. LOVE these pictures! They encapsulate who you both are...warm and gorgeous! Happy to call you and J friends :)


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