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Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Sweet Double Cuteness! | Sacramento Family Photographer

You are smiling right now. I just know you are. I mean, how can you resist smiling back at these two adorable boys!? Watch out mom & dad, they are going to be lady killers :) Actually, they were too sweet for that. But they will woo the girlies. The eyes will be the bait. Just too, too adorable!

It was such a pleasure meeting this adorable family! The boys were full of energy and just adored each other, which makes my job so easy and so fun. I loved capturing all the joy they had swirling around that family!

The colors were so warm and cozy this day, too. Such a neat addition to the warmth the family brought.

I do love the tickle fests :)

Oh my. Oh my. Can you feel the eyes just pulling you in?
Mom and Dad were pretty cute themselves. The sun shone upon them and all of it just reflected tons of love!
I get to see these guys again soon. So this exit isn't the end! :)
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