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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Corrdashians | Sacramento Family Photographer

 This session was a grand adventure! We had a ton of fun and encountered a scary pitbull, laughed and drove and got some fabulous shots of this gorgeous family. I love the fact that one of their friends called them the "Corrdashians" after viewing the sneak peek so I had to steal it to use here.
 I was impressed with their adorable doggies. One, for staying calm during the whole pitbull issue (truth be told, I think we were divinely protected from an incident because none of the dogs seemed to notice each other), and two, because they smiled so nicely for me during the photo. I discovered some fun doggie tricks that help them focus a bit more, though they do make me look rather silly in the process.
 See? They rocked it! Love this one.
Here are the cute posed kiddos...and below are the kiddos as they are..true siblings at play.

 I was so pleased that they fell in love with their images..and loved that they were up for the setting. It was a blast.

 These gals can rock it!
Thanks again, sweet C family for a great session! May your holidays be blessed and may your huge wall portraits remind you how you can all rock it!
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