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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Z Family -Sneak Peek! {Sacramento Family Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful and very talented family yesterday evening and I'm so pleased to get this sneak peek up for them! Each one of this amazing threesome is talented musically...and I am talking uber-talented! I love it that they all have it in common and I love that they are talented musically. I really appreciate music and I am sooo not gifted in that area (massively tone deaf), so I guess I can even appreciate it more!

I had fun shooting them in their other various other past times as well. Both dad and son are chess lovers, so they brought their board along to play. And cute, sweet P is a master spy so we were able to get some fun and super cool spy shots after a quick change of clothes.

I hope they enjoy their sneak peek..and pray that it has captured that light that is so evident from each of them!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bella Mae Kids - Product Shoot Sneak Peek! {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

I had such a wonderful time photographing these beautiful girls this week! The session was for Bella Mae Kids, an adorable line of sweet, chic and sophisticated children's clothing and craft items. Susan's pieces are just gorgeous. They are so well made and sewed together with love. Take a look at all the pretty items she sells on these pretty girls and check out the link above or contact me if you are interested in purchasing her items.

As for the session, it went really surprisingly well, very well, in fact (who would have thought with five spunky little girls!). All the girls gave me their best and I was told that I even got some smiles that are not given away so easily. That made my day more than they could know. So in case you are wondering why this sneak peek is so large, there are many families represented here in addition to Susan's wonderful product, so I wanted to make sure each one could see a bit of the successful and really fun session we had.

And one other thing, in the photo below with the three bigger girls together, you can catch a peek of Susan watching on ... I had to keep her in the photo because it just made so much sense to capture her enjoying the girls enjoying her amazing work. I sure hope she likes the peek!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

An Evening at the Farm - Sneak Peek for the Lovely A Family {Sacramento Family Photographer}

The members of this family are incredible! They made it through a sweltering hot session one evening last week without complaint and look how beautiful they look! I had fun with this family, especially when I got to take the sweet kids around to see some of the animals at the barn...good times. And the eyes! Every single one of them has amazingly beautiful eyes. Take a look.  Here is their sneak peek!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Model in the Making -Sneak Peek for Lovely S {Sacramento Child and Family Photographer}

Miss S is an aspiring model who wanted to take some pictures for her portfolio. I love her fresh look. We had such a fun time on the shoot with her getting a small taste of what it might be like...the future is big for this sweet gal. Here are some to share!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twice as Nice Sneak Peek! The Beautiful R Twins {Sacramento Newborn Photographer}

Oh my goodness! Talk about heaven on earth! I had the amazing opportunity to photograph these beautiful twin baby girls this week and what a joy it was! They are just over a month old and what sweet little angels they are. I just loved doing this shoot. The babies were so adorable individually, and in the brief moments they were sleeping together, we captured their cuteness as twins. It was very hard to narrow this sneak peek down to these photos!

These babies have such a bubble of love surrounding them and it was a pleasure to work with this family. Their proud Grandma was there lending a helping hand and glowing with love for the girls. They all are so blessed and have so much to look forward to with these sweeties and such a loving family!

I couldn't resist sharing this one! It's just one of the darlings, but it's almost like two :)
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun With My Boys {Sacramento Child Photographer}

Over the 4th of July, we visited family in Southern California. Among other things, we went to a fun concert one night at Fullerton City College. When the band (which included my FIL and a dear friend) took an intermission, we took a break also... to take pictures of course! I couldn't resist this bridge and begged my boys to pose on it. They behaved as usual, and the smiles portray the fun they always have together (albeit not always without pain and suffering...).

Update on the Blogger issue. There is no way to find out why Blogger won't accept my photos. There is no live help and the chat boards all come to the conclusion that there is no solution. So, my friends over at I  Heart Faces suggested to upload elsewhere and paste the URL. So we are back, but it's not without annoyance since it takes twice as much time to upload now. Any new facts and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Won! So Thrilled!

In June, I participated in a photo walk in Sacramento put on by I Heart Faces. Twenty-five other photographers and I toured around Sacramento with our lovely model, Marina, who was introduced to us by our official and talented leader Katrina Kennedy . It was a really fun few hours chatting and shooting away with other photographers who just love what they do. We all took tons of photos, some took hundreds, and we all enjoyed discussing our art, lives, businesses and hobbies.

I Heart Faces then ran a contest in each city across the country for the best photo taken that day. And our leader chose mine! I have to say, all the gals took amazing and wonderful photos. Many were incredibly unique and well done. There is no way I could have chosen, and I am sooo glad that I didn't have to. I am thrilled to have my photo chosen, and feel very blessed, as I just love doing what I do!

Here is the photo!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wide Eyed Sweet Baby W {Sacramento Baby Photographer}

Oh my goodness, check out this beautiful 10-month old little baby boy! Are you just falling into those eyes? Precious baby W had my heart at the git-go. I just loved photographing him and he seemed pretty happy most of the time, too. I think he especially liked enjoying one of my Smiley's Sweets for the first time at the end of his session. But more of that on my other blog soon...for now, just bask in this beautiful baby, would you?

and he even allowed Mom to jump in a few...
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