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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Z Family -Sneak Peek! {Sacramento Family Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful and very talented family yesterday evening and I'm so pleased to get this sneak peek up for them! Each one of this amazing threesome is talented musically...and I am talking uber-talented! I love it that they all have it in common and I love that they are talented musically. I really appreciate music and I am sooo not gifted in that area (massively tone deaf), so I guess I can even appreciate it more!

I had fun shooting them in their other various other past times as well. Both dad and son are chess lovers, so they brought their board along to play. And cute, sweet P is a master spy so we were able to get some fun and super cool spy shots after a quick change of clothes.

I hope they enjoy their sneak peek..and pray that it has captured that light that is so evident from each of them!
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  1. These are great - love that last one!

  2. Lisa,

    You did the best shots - Nobody else could do it like you did. I like my spy shot behind the tree. from Patrick

  3. Super fun! Love the chess shot. Fun memories for the boys to have. =)

  4. I LOVED the PHOTOS!!!Wish there was someone on the East Coast that Iknew of that had this kind of talent!!! peg


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