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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Won! So Thrilled!

In June, I participated in a photo walk in Sacramento put on by I Heart Faces. Twenty-five other photographers and I toured around Sacramento with our lovely model, Marina, who was introduced to us by our official and talented leader Katrina Kennedy . It was a really fun few hours chatting and shooting away with other photographers who just love what they do. We all took tons of photos, some took hundreds, and we all enjoyed discussing our art, lives, businesses and hobbies.

I Heart Faces then ran a contest in each city across the country for the best photo taken that day. And our leader chose mine! I have to say, all the gals took amazing and wonderful photos. Many were incredibly unique and well done. There is no way I could have chosen, and I am sooo glad that I didn't have to. I am thrilled to have my photo chosen, and feel very blessed, as I just love doing what I do!

Here is the photo!

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  1. What a wonderful accomplishment Lisa. Well Deserved. Congrats.

  2. It was sooo great meeting you that day, and I love this photo! : ) A nicer person couldn't have won : ) CONGRATS again! *HUGS*


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