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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet {Sacramento Child Photographer}

I love photographing kids! They are so full of life and expression! It just makes my day to see their smiles, their serious looks and get to know their little personalities. Today was no exception.
 I put a call out for a model yesterday on my Facebook fan page (yes, you need to come follow me so you can answer one of these calls!). Sweet litte J's mom was the first to respond and here are the results of our super fun session. It actually was a really fast session as I really wanted to test out a location and light, but this little guy rocked it!
 He was such a pleasure and just made me smile the entire time! Good job, J! Thanks for making my morning, sweetie! I hope you enjoy the pictures (your mommy said you would be looking :)

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  1. looks like fun session. Sweet smile.

  2. Oh my goodness, you really caught great shots of him. I especially like the close up in red.

  3. Ahh man! Makes we wish I was more of a morning person and was able to get the boys out the door!! Looks like a great boy location!! ~Raeane =)


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