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Sunday, November 21, 2010

All They Want for Christmas {Rocklin Newborn Photographer}

I am so blessed by my clients! Not only do I have incredible clients who are so fun and inspiring to work with, but I also get the benefit of meeting and working with friends and family whom they refer to me. This lovely family was a referral from this sweet family and I had such a fun time with them and their sweet little miracle yesterday!

I got the request to photograph this darling baby J in his 6th week of life so we had to move fast! Normally, the best time to catch babies at their sleepiest (and most pose-able) stages is in their first 5 to 10 days of life. He is way past that, so I was wondering if we would get any sleepy shots at all...but as you can see, we did!

Just look at this little trooper! He was so great and gave me some sleepy time, which was great! He wasn't super into being posed, but who needs posing when you are this adorable? We also were able to get a bit of Christmas charm with the Santa hat sized just for him and I love it!

And Dad has a favorite sport. Can you guess what it is? I always love to incorporate something in the shoot that is unique to the family..other than this gorgeous baby, of course :) I think he is thinking about what should be his first club...

Thanks, baby J and the rest of family M for inviting me in to capture these moments. Your precious son is such a sweetheart and is the very best present to bring you into this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
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  1. I found your photos on the Florabella page. You do gorgeous portrait work! ;)


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