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Friday, September 10, 2010

Photographing the Photographer..a Sneak Peek {Sacramento Child & Family Photographer}

It was such a blessing to photograph the N Family! Mom is a dear friend of mine and a fellow photographer. I definitely wanted to make this family shine as they do in real life. It was so much fun and I have to say, I really got in touch with the "kid" in me hanging out with their two kids. They are beautiful, spunky and fast. I'm so glad I got to capture them last night!

The N Family - They are such a warm and loving couple and their kids are just the cutest!
Don't you just love this? Notice the "hug" he is giving her. He pulled a couple fast ones on us that night! Right Mindy? LOL
Sweet couple, I tell ya!
The smiles were always there, they were just mostly on the move. I was happy we were able to capture some that were pretty still!
Such a sweet face!
This is them. They are so sweet.  I had to add an urban feel to it. Wish there was more rust on the container!
I love this tender moment. It was one of our last shots of the night.
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  1. Thank you Lisa - it was a fun night and you did a great job!


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