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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rust {Sacramento Child and Family Photographer}

I love the area I live in. I can be cruising down the street and find an field of sunflowers or an old farm with rusted out cars and machines any day of the week. And I live in a big city! There is so much variety and it's always fun to be able to just pull off the road and capture some impromptu images with one of my cutie pies.

This was one of those days. Though I wish he would not have been dressed in his school uniform, I love this set of photos! Had I known we would have found this gem of a location, you bet I would have dressed him differently and it would have made for even better photos, but I'm thinking his dimples really do enough, right? Don't you love this location? I do, but as we were leaving, I did see a sign or two that seemed to indicate that perhaps I should not be there. Hmm, I think I must find a solution to that, because this was such fun! 
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  1. Neat tractor and adorable model - as always!

  2. Love it!! Yes, the dimples make it! I do the same thing while driving... I love it! :)


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