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Monday, September 10, 2012

More than the Front Porch | Sacramento Family Photographer

 We started this session at my client's house..on their front porch. And, no, this is not their front porch. Hee hee. She was a bit perplexed how we could make it look good, but alas, when she saw the images, she loved them. And thought her front porch looked pretty darn good. Why? Because for the most part, I am not doing family portrait photography to capture the surroundings, but the love and intimacy of the family. What I want them to remember is the love they share and the beauty of their family. Sure, sometimes clients request a lifestyle shoot in their home and we get to capture everything around them and their every day life. But for regular sessions, it's about them. Yes, I capture the big picture, too, as you see above, but it mostly, their love is what counts.
 And their cute dog :)

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    First one is superb and I also love the 3rd one, family love shines through so beautifully.


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