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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Three Muskateers | Sacramento Family Photographer

 From the minute I got the call from beautiful Katie, I knew our session would be a treat. She had seen my work online and wanted to get some images of her and her two gorgeous sons. Their first portraits in TEN years!! I know. You are asking how they could have resisted being photographed over and over and over, right? I mean, look at these beautiful people!
 But she wanted them now and I'm so glad she called! We discussed wardrobe a bunch over texts and phone calls and it all turned out perfect. The session was a ton of fun and despite being devoured by mosquitoes at the very very end, everything was perfect.
 Again, how could it not be? Look at them :) But really, if you could meet Katie, you swear she is more beautiful on the inside than out. Truly, truly. This woman is an amazing mom, sacrificing so much for her boys and also puts a ton of work into charity. They adore her. She adores them. They are the three muskateers of modern day!
 And you might recognize the shot above if you have been to my studio or had an ordering session with me. Love.
 I love how we hit two different locations and, with a change of clothing, got some varied shots for their walls.
This final one makes me smile. Check out the sign! Yes, some definite eye "produce" for some "chicks" with these handsome fellas. Love it! My job is just awesome. Just sayin' :)
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