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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Class of 2012 - Caleb: Class Rep For LSP | Sacramento Senior Photographer

Meet Caleb, another one of my incredible senior reps. We did our shoot some time ago, but alas, here he is in his full glory on my blog. I was so happy to go out and shoot with him and so very pleased he brought along his guitar. This senior is very talented, participating in student government, music, a band, and drama all the while keeping up his grades, working part-time, being very active in his church and being a great friend, brother and son. He's got a lot on his plate, to say the least.
But he holds himself up with integrity and honor and I so appreciate that. It shows in his smile and his countenance.

Caleb rocked it...literally! I think this next image is going on his first album :)
And this is the smile every mother loves to see ...
As luck would have it, we found this perfect purple wall right where we were shooting!

Congrats, Caleb. I know it's a busy time, but you have the faith and determination to get through it all! Just remember to keep having fun!!
Watch out ladies...
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  1. LOVE these!! You truely captured the fun guy he is! ~Raeane :)

  2. Bam! That is one handsome fella :) Great photos, there so natural and real!



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