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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sparkling | Sacramento Family Photographer

I had such a fun time photographing this beautiful family. They truly sparkled in their love for each other and it was fun to see them play together. It was an early morning session, and the kiddos handled it quite well, especially for summer! I, on the other hand, found my left leg planted in a knee-high hole toward the end of the shoot. Fortunately for me and the rest of the shoot, I was moving slowly around mom and daughter and fell straight down into the nicely camouflaged varmint hole. Still have the bruises to show for it, but, as you can see, it was well worth it!
I just love the relationship these two have. They get along so well and are so sweet with each other. With those smiles and dimples, I think they may need to be looking out for one another pretty soon!

And it's not hard to see where their good looks come from...

Thanks so much for letting me capture your sparkling, beautiful family! I think it was just 
the perfect time!

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