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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Many Faces of the Gorgeous Miss H {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

This is a larger post than usual, but I just had to share the many faces of Miss H. We had so much fun dodging the raindrops and finding places to continue our shoot despite the rain. She was such a trooper! This sweet girl gave me so many fun looks and entertained me with her sweet stories. At more than one point in the shoot, she mentioned she "took good pictures" and well, she was right!

We didn't get to go to all of the locations we planned out due to the rain, but we made the most of the ones we did get to!

I just loved capturing her playfulness. She was full of smiles and laughter and it made the dreary weather so much brighter!

Thank you so much for playing with me, Miss H. And yes, we can do again, just like you asked...and yes, I will bring another treat :)

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  1. What a little beauty! I love that last one and the yellow dress!

  2. Love these pictures, they remind me of my sweet Mikaela.Love the black and white with the sassy look over the shoulder. Love the new website too! We need to take a family portrait soon :) Love your work Lisa! ~Nikki


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