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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miss M in the Mustard {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

 I am so blessed to know sweet Miss M and her family. I have photographed her before on several occasions, and will get to do it again soon! Her mom just told me that she gets her braces off at the end of the month, so a brother/sister shoot will be coming soon. Congrats M! You are a beautiful young lady and I love to watch you grow into an amazing young woman.

 We couldn't resist getting out into the mustard fields blooming like crazy around town. It's just beautiful with seas of gold and green. They very well may just be weeds, but since they aren't invading anything and making life more beautiful, I am just fine with them staying awhile!
 I'm thinking that Miss M got into the session. She rocked it, don't you think?

 The light toward the end of the session was just beautiful on her, falling on her hair and creating such a pretty sun kissed warmth.

I'll end with this last picture of Miss M in the Mustard this year, along with one of last year's images. It's crazy how fast our children grow. Let's remember to cherish, cherish, cherish each and every day we have with them!

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  1. What a beautiful location and lighting! Miss M is lovely as well and you did a great job on her session.

  2. Well done! She reminds me of her mother... Evelyn Acord

  3. I love these pictures, SO pretty!! I love too how in the last 2 pictures you can really tell how far you've come too (isn't that amazing, looking back at our older pictures?). Do you mind sharing where this mustard field is? It's GORGEOUS! Love love love! :-)


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