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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Wonderful Cast of Listen to your Mother, Sacramento! | Sacramento Headshot Photographer

In case you haven't heard yet, I am blessed to be part of the amazing "Listen to your Mother" cast for the Sacramento show. It's being held this Sunday, Mother's Day, at the Crest Theatre at 7pm.  If you are wondering what it is all about, here is a piece about it from the founder, Ann Imig. It is going to be an amazing night of laughter, smiles and even tears listening to some incredible personal stories of motherhood.

I was also privileged to be able to take the head shots of all but one (well, two if you count me) of the amazing cast members.  Seriously, they just radiate their beauty from the inside out. It was such a fun and crazy time shooting the images, but then I got to know them with our first and second rehearsals, and let me tell you, these are some pretty fabulous people that you will want to hear from. I knew I had captured beauty while shooting, but to hear their stories and get to know them, well, that made their beauty even more magical and real. If you can, you should join us for an awesome evening this Mother's Day!

"Listen to your Mother" a nationwide event in 24 cities and has a combination of local writers, artist and wonderful regular people taking the stage to read their personal stories about all of the shades of motherhood.  Some of the proceeds from the show will also benefit the  non-profit, 916 Ink, which gets kids ages 6-18 writing and telling their own personal stories.  I hope to see you there! Here is where you can buy tickets. Or, feel free to show up at 7 the night of the show! 

* Missing from the post is Dierdre Fitzpatrick and my headshot was done by my friend and fellow photographer, Mindy Newton.. 
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