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Monday, February 13, 2012

Their Three Sons | Sacramento Family Photographer

 It was so great to meet this beautiful family and capture them enjoying each other on this fabulous day! The lighting was just so perfect and these three boys brought it. Their smiles were super infectious and it was neat to see them hanging out together.
  I really love when I get to meet new families. I feel very privileged, actually, to get a little glimpse inside their lives and their love. This precious mom called me and said she found me on the internet. I asked her what appealed to her and she said that the clip of me on TV just made her feel at ease and that she loved my images. She thought that her three sons would feel comfortable with me. Well, I have to say, that just made my day!

I always think it's a great honor to get to be a  part of capturing a spot in time together that they will never forget. They have these memories that will last forever and I got to be there. Lucky me :)  Thank you, R family, for allowing it.
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