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Friday, July 15, 2011

Laugh | Sacramento Family Photographer

I had such a neat time with this family! The brothers were so sweet to each other and I especially loved how the older boy knew how to get his younger brother to laugh. They are good buddies, to be sure.
I love it when I get the opportunity to take the kiddos away on their own, while the parents enjoy a nice walk and some time together. I get to know the kids better and they just shine. Are they beautiful, or what!?
Then, it's fun to get the parents in on the action. Here I was going for a serious look and loved how Mom absolutely brought the subtle sexiness to the image. Love it! Doesn't hurt that I got my yummy sun flare in it, too!
Like I said, this family was full of laughter and sweetness. I loved their interaction together and it made me smile the entire session! I love, love, love capturing families!
I'm not sure Mom and Dad were ready for some of my instructions and the poses I suggested, but I do know they ended up having a great deal of fun with them! It's a good time to reconnect and forget I'm there. Thanks, lovely T family, for allowing me in to capture some really special moments!

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  1. Beautiful!! I especially love the last one!! What a darling family! You truely captured the love they seem to share or they are really good at faking it! ha! ~Raeane ;)


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