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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beautiful Birthday Girl {Sacramento Children's Photographer}

I'm so excited to share this post with you! I am debuting a little bit of what is to come in the future with some video "fusion" in my sessions. Though I don't have any video of this session captured, I have been playing with it and a slideshow like the one above is going to be part of it, so thanks for checking it out!

I had such a neat session with miss A and her mom, Kimberly, a friend and fellow photographer last weekend. I called her up and told her we just really needed to go out and shoot together to get her new camera broken in and played with. Little did I know it was perfect timing for her daughter's 12th birthday session! We had a grand adventure at the location I took them to, including some mud-dodging and non-so-much mud dodging. The light was fabulous, Miss A was gorgeous, and we had such a fun time shooting together.

Did you love that song with the video?! I chose to use it because I thought it would be so lovely for my friend while viewing the captures of her daughter. It is by a friend and one of my favorite vocalists, Shirley Bunnell. Beautiful, right?

Here are some of the images from the slideshow of the gorgeous Miss A:

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE sunflare? Love it!!

There's that yummy sunflare again:)
Gorgeous girl - inside and out! She was so wonderful and cooperative, too. A dream to capture.

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  1. These are beautiful! Amazing light!

  2. Wow, the video is great, the song is beautiful (I didn't know she sang!), and the pictures are amazing. I love them all, but the yellow dress one from behind is really neat for some reason. What a gorgeous girl.


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